Q1. How do I apply to take a course?

1) In the case of a corporate member?
Use the course application page notified within the company.^^

2) In the case of a general member?
1) Log in → 2) Select the desired course → 3) Payment → Learning progress

Q2. How I can change or cancel an application to take a course.

1) Change The change can be made within 7 days of starting the course, but only if you did not start the class. If you have started the learning activity, no change can be made even within the period of 7 days.

2) Cancellation Cancellation/refund for on-line lectures will be processed according to the refund policy. Entire cancellation is only possible before the course starts, and within 7 days from the payment (if you have not begun the learning activity). 1. If 7 days or more have elapsed since payment and the learning activity has not begun before the end of learning, the refund will be made after subtracting the default penalty. *Default penalty: 10% of the amount paid 2. If the learning activity has already begun, the refund will be made as follows. · Refund will be made after subtracting the cost of the contents (based on learning progress rate) (rounded down to 10 won) Refund amount = amount paid X (100 ? progress rate) / 100) (ex. If the amount paid is 100,000 won and the rate of progress is 30%, 100,000*(100-30)/100 = 70,000 won (to be refunded.) · The rate of progress is the ratio of the completed classes against total lectures. It is automatically calculated by the i:MOOC system. · The refund amount will be paid to the bank account designated by the customer within 1 week of receiving the application for a refund. In the case of a card payment, when you pay the tuition fee after subtracting the refund amount from the initial payment amount (Woori Bank 1005-603-312534, Carrot Solutions), the total amount will be cancelled. Depending on the payment date, the refund may be made the following month.

Q3. Are there any limitations on the PC spec and play of motion pictures?

This site does not require the installation of a separate motion picture program, and learning is possible in Internet Explorer version 10 or higher or the Chrome browser. Though the motion picture lectures differ, for open source motion pictures the video play function may not be available for PC security reasons.

Q4. Is it possible to download a lecture?

Motion picture download is not available. Please proceed with your learning using a PC and APP.

Q5. Are lecture notes available?

For lectures accompanied by lecture notes, there is a button for “lecture note download” at the bottom of the screen. Use the button to download the lecture notes.^^

Q6. What should I do if I have forgotten the password?

We will send you a temporary password to the e-mail address you entered at the time of joining the membership. Click “Password search” on the main page!