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Personal Information Policy

1. Items of personal information collected and method of collection

? Carrot Solutions Company Limited (""Carrot"") collects the following personal information for consultation and services to be provided to new on-line and mobile members. A. Items of personal information to be collected 1) The following information is collected in order to provide an optimized service when a new member joins for the first time: - Mandatory items: Name, ID, password, e-mail address - Optional items: Mobile phone number 2) The following information may be created and collected during service use or the business handling process: - When using the website: Service use record, Connection log, Cookies, Connection IP information, Payment record - When using the mobile service: Service use record, Connection log, Device identification number (Device ID or IMEI) B. Method of collection 1) Member registration via the homepage, Service use payment, Event entry, Telephone, Fax, Inquiries received through the customer service center 2) Collection through collection tool for created information

2. Collection of personal information and purpose of use of the information

? Carrot will use collected personal information for the following purposes. ο Performance of the contract on service provision and fee settlement resulting from service provision, provision of contents, purchase and fee payment, identification, product delivery, billing, etc. ο Member management Identity verification resulting from membership service use, personal identification, prevention of improper use of bad members and unauthorized use, confirmation of intention of become a member, age check, complaint handling, delivery of notifications ο Use for marketing and advertisements Development and specialization of new services (products), delivery of advertisement information such as events, service provision and ad placement according to demographic characteristics, checking connection frequency or statistics on members’ service use. ο Others Limiting the number of memberships, records retention for dispute mediation, checking members’ various records on test pass or failure and other statistical data creation.

3. Retention of personal information and period of use

? In principle, the Company shall immediately disuse the user’s personal information upon fulfilling the purpose of the collection and use thereof. The procedure and method of disuse are as follows: ο Procedure: The information entered for membership registration is relocated to a different DB (for papers, separate file box) after the purpose has been achieved and disused after the information has been retained for a certain period of time in accordance with the company’s internal policy and the reason for information protection pursuant to the applicable Act and any subordinate statutes. The personal information relocated to the separate DB shall not be used for any purpose other than the specified purpose unless otherwise required by law. ο How to disuse: Electronically stored personal information will be deleted using a technical method to ensure that no record can be displayed. ο Retention period: The period of retention will be the period of time during which the user’s membership remains effective according to the contract of use. However, in the event that the information needs to be retained after membership withdrawal pursuant to the provision of the applicable Act and any subordinate statutes, Carrot shall retain the user’s personal information for a certain period of time as follows.

4. Procedure and method of personal information disuse

? Period of retention and use of personal information is as follows: ο Items retained: Same as those of collection. ο Basis of retention: General provisions of use and personal information policy ο Possession period: The period of retention shall be the period of time during which the user’s membership remains effective. However, if the information needs to be retained after membership withdrawal pursuant to the provision of the applicable Act and any subordinate statutes, Carrot will retain the user’s membership information for a certain period of time as follows: Records on marking/advertisement: 6 months (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Transactions, etc.) Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription, etc.: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Transactions, etc.) Records on payment and supply of goods and services: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Transactions, etc.) Records on consumer complaints and dispute handling: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Transactions, etc.) Records on collection/treatment and use of credit information: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Transactions, etc.) Communication fact data pursuant to the Protection of Communications Secrets Act: 3 months

5. Personal information

? Carrot shall not disclose the personal information of users to a third party in principle except in the following cases: - When users provide their prior consent - If required by a provision of the applicable Act or when a law enforcement agency requests it for the purpose of investigation in accordance with the procedure and method as set forth in the provision of the applicable Act and its subordinate statutes.

6. Consignment of personal information collected

? Carrot shall not consign the personal information of its members to any outside companies without obtaining their consent. In the event that it becomes necessary to do so in the future, Carrot shall notify the customer of the consignment company and its business details and obtain the customer’s consent as necessary.

7. The rights of users and their legal representatives and how to exercise such rights

? Users and their legal representatives may inquire or correct their personal information registered or the information of a child under the age of 14 at any time and request termination of the membership. In order to inquire about the personal information of a user or a child under the age of 14, click ‘INFORMATION CORRECTION’; or to terminate the membership (withdrawal of consent), click ""MEMBERSHIP WITHDRAWAL."" For inspection, correction or withdrawal, the identity verification procedure must be carried out. Or, contact the personal information officer in writing, by phone or e-mail, whereupon we will take immediate action. Upon receiving a request to correct an error in a user’s personal information, no information containing such error will be used or provided until it has been corrected. In addition, if incorrect information has already been provided to a third party, the latter will be notified immediately of the result of the correction to ensure that the information can also be corrected by the third party. Carrot shall handle the personal information deleted at the request of a user or his/her legal representative in accordance with the provision on the period of retention and use of personal information and make sure that such information is not inspected or used for any other purpose.

8. Matters on installation, operation or refusal of automatic personal information collection device

? Carrot shall operate ‘cookies’ etc. which store and search your information from time to time. A cookie is a very small text file which the server of the Carrot website sends to your browser. It is stored on your computer’s hard disk. Carrot uses the cookies for the following purposes: Purpose of use of cookies, etc. - To analyze the connection frequency or times of website visits of members and non-members. To grasp users’ tastes and areas of concern. Target marketing and provision of individually customized services by assessing users’ degree of participation in events and number of visits. How to refuse cookie setting - In order to refuse cookie setting, use the option on the web browser you use. You can save all cookies, or go through the confirmation procedure whenever you save cookies or reject any and all cookies depending on your decision. - Example of setting method (in the case of Internet Explorer): TOOL on top of the web browser > Internet option > Personal information (If you reject the installation of cookies, it may be difficult to provide you with the service.)

9. Status of consignment of personal information

? For customer support and service provision, personal information handling is consigned to an outside company for operation. In order to secure the safe protection of personal information, the consignment contract includes several provisions to ensure that the personal information protection instructions are strictly followed, no such information is leaked, and liability is clearly defined in the event of accident. - Consignment company name: Daou Tech - Business consigned: Outsourced texting

10. Person responsible for personal information management

? Carrot has appointed a department and a person to manage personal information as follows in order to protect customers’ personal information and properly handle customer complaints related to personal information. Name of person responsible for managing personal information: Lee Eun-gyeong Division Chief Phone number: 02-518-2603 (week days : 9 am ~ 6 pm) E-mail:

11. Duty of notification

? In the event of an addition to, deletion or correction of the current personal information policy, users will be notified via ‘NOTIFICATION’ at the homepage 7 days in advance. - Date of public announcement: July 31, 2014 - Date of implementation: August 8, 2014